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Ukrainian Journalists and Bloggers Learned the ABCs of Digital Security

18 online media employees and bloggers from Ukraine took part in a three-day training on digital security in Odessa. “Basic training on digital security includes three areas that are necessary for journalists in their work: defense of accounts, defense of devices, and defense of communication”, – stated trainer and consultant on digital security Mykola KOSTYNYAN. He […]


Progress in Public Service Broadcasting Reform in Ukraine

Over the past few months, there has been much progress made in the sphere of Public Television and Broadcasting reform. Only two years after the law “On Public Broadcasting in Ukraine” was adopted as a framework, the Ukrainian government and civil society organizations have taken steps to create a Public Service Broadcaster. Following this decision, on 07 […]


Reforms of Kyiv Mass Media: Media Law Institute Lawyer Advises the Kyiv City Council

Recently members of the Kyiv City Council approved the city target program “Informational Kyiv” for 2016-2018. On the request from the members of the Kyiv City Council, the Media Law Institute has examined the draft program to ensure that it complies with the Law of Ukraine “On Reforms of State and Municipal Print Media”. The […]

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